Gras Wood Wide is grand in European pine and Canadian western red cedar

As a stock-keeping importer, Gras Wood Wide has the largest stock in carefully selected quality pine from Sweden, Finland and Germany in all sizes, as well as in top quality western red cedar from British Columbia (Canada). Also in the field of specialist restorations with regard to mill construction or monument care you have come to the right place, we always have various heavy dimensions of pine in air drying in stock.
In addition to pine and western red cedar, we have also been the importer of Lunawood, the thermally modified spruce and pine from Finland for 20 years and also the address for the better quality Siberian larch and douglas. The delivery program is unique in the sense that it can be purchased both in packages (and overboard). On request, the wood is dried, processed, preserved, treated in a fire-retardant way or finished coveringly by external partners. Gras Wood Wide is proud to report that 99% of the traded wood is PEFC™ or FSC® certified and therefore demonstrably sustainably produced.