Canadian wood with its own style; the absolute crème de la crème. The best quality sustainably-produced wood with a high aesthetic value.


This wood has a unique variation of structure and colour; from light yellow to brown-yellow and salmon pink to chocolate brown. Colour contrasts between the spring and summer wood give either a fine striped pattern or a wonderful flame pattern. PureCedar guarantees these unique properties.


  • PEFC™ certified
  • 100% no. 2 Clear & Better quality
  • a very high natural durability
  • very good insulating properties
  • barely warps or shrinks
  • knot-free wood
  • strong and lightweight


Inside, the western red cedar muffles sound. Furthermore, the wood can be easily processed; it can be painted, waxed, oiled and varnished. Unfinished wood and wood that is exposed to the elements will weather quite quickly and will have a wonderful silver-grey colour under the most ideal conditions.


You are designing a unique house or building with a focus on luxury and living and working comfortably. And you wish to offer your clients something extra. Architects are increasingly opting for PureCedar facade cladding thanks to its unique properties in terms of durability, processability and aesthetics.


By choosing PureCedar, you are choosing the highest quality western red cedar

Driebergen-Zeist – Station area – 2020

This new station must have maximum energy performance and sustainability plays a big part in this. The trees around the station are moved if possible or replaced by new trees to create a wonderful gateway to the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. PureCedar, which is known for its very high natural durability, has been used for the station’s exterior.

Scheemda – Hospital – 2018

A modern, sustainable hospital with a lot of natural light. Leeuwenkamp Architecten’s design pays a lot of attention to creating a healing environment; high-tech where it is needed, homely wherever it is possible. Thanks to the many windows, the patients have a great view of the surrounding landscape. The use of colour is special thanks to the unique variation of the wood’s structure and colour.