Two weeks from now, the 7th edition of the Floriade Expo will be officially opened by our king. If you are planning to go, do not forget to visit The Natural Pavilion, part of the Dutch Innovation Experience. The pavilion is constructed almost entirely of local biobased materials and is literally an accumulation of innovations. The construction sector is currently facing enormous challenges, not only due to the housing shortage, but also due to the reduction of CO2 and nitrogen emissions in combination with legislation and environmental regulations.

The Natural Pavilion – to be visited from 14 April through 9 October 2022 – shows that it is already possible to develop houses, schools and offices on an industrial scale that are completely circular, bio-based, energy-neutral and in close connection with nature. It also proves that these can be built at a pace never seen before and that there are solutions to the shortage of energy, raw materials and housing.

We have sponsored this project with thermally modified Lunawood, incorporated into the exterior facade on the first floor and western red cedar shingles, visible on the exterior facade on the second floor, near the terrace.

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